The House

The farmhouse was inhabited from 1857 to 2009 and constantly adapted to changing needs. However in 2011, the state of the building was deemed so poor that a demolition and reconstruction became inevitable.

While dismantling the former house the old draw well was uncovered, which had been in operation up to 1953.

Wherever possible, components of the old farmhouse were given a second lease of life in the new house or elsewhere. For example, two new tile stoves were built in Canton Jura out of the 1947 tile stove from the farmhouse. Furniture was made from many of the wooden doors and beams. Even the sheaf binding cords and the cows’ feeding fence are in use again.

Many details and materials have been taken from the old farmhouse. The rebuilt house, which is trimmed to energy-sustainability, comprises six spacious, modern and sunny flats of different sizes. The building meets the Swiss Minergie standard. All apartments have comfort ventilation and underfloor heating.

A geothermal heat pump and solar panels provide heat for heating and hot water, while the photovoltaic panels on the roof supply part of the electricity used in the house.

In front of the large entrance door stands an old sandstone trough with the barely legible engraved year 1857. The rebuilt half-timbered wall from the old farmhouse and the lightness and generosity of the entrance hall make it warm and inviting. It reaches up to the roof and is illuminated by roof lights.

A lift facilitates your luggage transport from the underfloor garage. A drying room in the basement is available for use by all residents.